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Anything except for the following:

Any illegal goods i.e. counterfeit or stolen goods of any kind.
(You will be asked to leave if found selling these items).
Weapons, including imitations.
Alcohol, cigarettes and fireworks.
Live animals, fish or birds.
Any food past its "sell-by" date.

There is also a restriction on the sale of canned drinks and only
persons authorised by us may sell food and drinks e.g. Caterers.

PLEASE DO NOT.........
We want you to have a great day at our Car Boot Sale but we would ask you to take
ALL your rubbish home with you as now we have no facilities for disposal.

AND FINALLY............
Booters who travel to other car boot sales all over the country tell us that we are, by
far, the best organised and friendliest Car Boot Sale that they know.≠ A large number
of people come to buy and sell at Studley Car Boot Sale because they all do well!

We hope you enjoy YOUR visit.

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